We receive messages all the time and most of the time they’re valid and polite.  Other times… not so much.  Here are some “suggestions” before you send us a message:

1. We’re not a business.  It’s a residential display.  We don’t sell things to you.

2. We’re not a business.  It’s a residential display.  We don’t want to BUY things from you.

3. If you send a message politeness is important.  Don’t send an email that says “WHO IS THE CONTACT AND PHONE NUMBER OF THE COMPANY YOU USE FOR XXXX?”.  How about a nice “Happy Holidays” or “We love your display” or “Can we ask you a question?”  You know even just “Hello” would be good.  If we don’t see that we don’t really have much to say and there won’t be a response.

4. We have already given our credit card, social security numbers, blood type, mothers’ maiden names and hair sample to a Nigerian prince.  We’re just waiting for the $10,000,000 to hit our bank account.  So please share your wealth with someone less fortunate! 🙂

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